Existential crisis as JD(S) is set to lose its office

As the Rs 300-crore property slips out of hand, party is unable to find office space for itself

The JD(S) is tying itself in knots over finding a new office space for the party. The deadline for it to

vacate the property it currently occupies on Race Course Road is just 30 days away. It has promised the Supreme Court to vacate the property and hand it over to the Congress. Frantic efforts to find an alternative space in the heart of the city have proved futile. Sources in the party said that two short-listed properties had to be given up as they found them to be too costly. 

The sources said that the party was looking to rent an office, but even those proved to be too costly. One of the properties shortlisted was the old BSR Congress party office in Seshadripuram and another was in Cunningham Road. Meanwhile, JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda tried to boost party workers’ spirits by announcing that the party is filing a curative petition in the Supreme Court. But the Congress party which is set to take over the Race Course Road property is in no mood to relent. KPCC general secretary Venkateshwar said, “I expect them to behave like gentlemen and vacate the property. Otherwise, we will have to file an eviction petition which will not look good for them.” 

The Congress says the JD(S) is trying to confuse people by making wrong claims. Venkateshwar said, “I do not understand what Deve Gowda is trying to do. The JD(S) has given an undertaking to the Supreme Court that they will vacate the building by December 2014. After this commitment to the SC, they still have the audacity to say they will file a curative petition. If they knew what a curative petition is, it is to be filed by a third party, a senior counsel, who will have to tell the court that some substantial point of law was not considered in the earlier order. It cannot be filed by Deve Gowda. I do not see what this point of law is. Only because they have to let go of a Rs 300 crore property, they are talking all sorts of things.” 

The land on which the building stands was gifted to the Congress party in the 1950s by two partymen. The building came up in 1957. The property changed hands to Congress (O), then to Janata Party and then to JD(S) as the two parties went through various transformations. For the last 30 years the Congress has been trying to regain it through various court battles. In October 2013, the High Court ruled in favour of the Congress. The JD(S) appealed in the Supreme Court. The SC too ruled in favour of Congress. JD(S) was given time till December 31 to vacate the property. 


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