Only Empowered women can empower women

Shifa Fatima|| DeccanDigest: “Empowered women can only empower women”, the difference of -ed can make a large difference
We just cannot refute the reality that there exist vast physical and physiological difference between the two sexes and since these are mentioned in various books it is not necessary that we repeat them here however the summary all of them is as follows:
A women is the base for man’s existence since, the development of the children takes place within her arms, hence just as we have been created physically to handle the task of bearing, Developing and educating the common generation but psychological too we are possession of a greater share of feelings and sentiments. “A women is a full circle with in her their is a power to create, nurture and transform” a very great thought by Diane Marie-child.

“Islam has raised the status of a women so high, that heaven lies beneath her feet”
As we all are familiar that beneath our mother feet heaven is present, no religion have stopped you from tour rights. So, religion is not a reason for your delay of your success.

Even with the existence of these vast differences, can it be said than men and women must be in step with each other in all matters and should be absolutely equal in all affairs and issues “The religion have given you all the rights”. Now the question is, should we not champion the cause of justice other than that every person should adhere to his/her own responsibility and enjoy the benefits of the existential distinction present with in them.

The noble QURA’AN perceives man and women with regards to their presence before #ALLAH and with respect to achieving spiritual ranks under similar conditions no religion have stopped you for education the summary regarding the education in ISLAM is ” The gaining of education is equivalent for both men and women “. So, now is our generation where are our strong women?.

You don’t have to accept you must challenge each day with new hope, no matters what is your physical appearance when you have kindness, loyality and new challenges fired in your heart you are the most beautiful, fantastic and mind-blowing person in this world. As Kavita Damaad says “we need women who are so strong, they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate that they can be rational and in so disciplined they can be free.

Destroy the idea that you cant beat men, you don’t deserve much better than this…. Make your self so strong that the idea regarding us changes in the minds of this society. We are also people… Men respect us because we are their daughter, sister, mother we must do something that their point of views changes from daughter, mother, sister to a kind of human being. Step ahead each day with a new hope, new journey donot afraid of future. Even no one knows exactly where their future holds them but put forward a step atleast you can determined that where you are getting wrong.

What you deserve is much more important than what you are accepting. Donot accept make a new attitude in you and once ask yourself what you deserve, you deserve much more dont wish it just go for it. There is no force more powerful than a women determined to arise. No one will be behind you even success behind every successful women is She, the true herself. Be yourself do the universe do your favorite, dont hide your magic, dont hide your talent, the world needs you, infact the world needs a better society for that we should work for the best.

Try! Try! Try! For the best courage is not always roar sone times courage is quite voice, alas! The end speak yourself that you should try again tomorrow. If you have challenged yourself to make a difference, no one can stop you. Generate an idea what you wanna be? don’t fear you are so stronger than fear. Fear will fear itself when you have challenged yourself so you can.
No matters how you look
No matters how you feel
No matters to which community you belongs to
No matter how you show up

The only thing which matters is never give up. each one has its own uniqueness, its own talent. Show it let the world know you ask yourself what is the thing which is special in you. Always wear the clothes of strength and dignity, smile without worries of your future. What you will sow the seeds now the plant will show your work, your hard work in the form of fruit. Promise yourself each day you will make it. Make something very big. Be crazy for the things which can make a large difference love yourself jeep faith, stay calm and rock🤘. Let the world know us with our strengths not by our physical appearance yes! We are made ti change their minds. Dream big work hard and make it happen. There are few women that makes their passion for work they have changed their life to do something big.

The successful women in history are:
1.The wife of Mohammed (S. A.W), Hazrat Aisha bint Abu Bakr, a well known authority in medicine, history and rhetoric.
2. Queen of Sheba: She represented a ruler who consulted with and made important decisions on behalf of her people in her dynasty. 3. Kalpana Chawla: She became the first Indian woman in space (1997).
4. Kiran Bedi: She became the first woman IAS officer in India(1972).
5. Justice M. Fathima Beevi: She became first female judge at supreme court of India in (1989).
6. Saniya mirza: The professional tennis player became the first ever Indian woman to win a women tennis association title in(2005).
7. Prathiba patil: She became the first woman president of India (July 2007- July 2012).
8. Mother Teresa : She became the first Indian woman to win a nobel peace prize in 1979.

there are hundreds of Examples which cannot be quoted here for the sake of Maintaining the length of the article

Through leadership opportunities for muslim women are cemented in religious text and continue to expand today, their generations had different understanding of women’s role. Despite modern development and greater inclusion of women’s, today women are working in different sectors. So, which women do you consider your role model? And what are you waiting for? The world awaits your entry! Step out and show what you are truely capable of achieving the days have gone when the only men work to run the home women’s are also working in private sector to support their family for example tailoring, cooker etc,

The meaningful life is not being highly educated or being perfect its about being real, being true, being humble, being able to share ourselves and touch the life of others.



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