Election new not politics: Madam Kaneez Fatima


: Election is new to me but not politics. My husband Qamar-ul Islam (late) was in politics for 35 years…I know politics to a level,” said Kaneeza Fathima, who is certain to get Congress ticket from Gulbarga North constituency.

Speaking to media at her house here, on Monday, Fathima said party senior leaders, workers, Islam’s supporters and followers have vowed to support her in the election.

“The response to the April 5 road show was immense and beyond expectation,” she said and added that she like her husband would work and lead everyone together.

On religious restrictions on women contesting election, Fathima said,“According to Shariat we should respect the laws of the land where we live and I respect the laws of the country. I am excited to contest as there is reservation for women.”

Worked hard

Fathima said in 2008 and 2014, Qamar-ul had worked to made Sayeeda Begum and Aliya Shirin Badekhan Mayors of the city respectively. “Then no one opposed it nor did they ask why a woman should enter the politics. Even now there is no opposition to my entry into politics.”

A close aid of Fathima said according to Islamic jurisprudence, a woman can become councillor and elected representative from a constituency.

On Sunday too, Fathima had held a meeting with her supporters and party workers.

The meeting was attended by former mayors, deputy mayors, Gulbarga Mahanagara Palike members and others.

Fathima had said that her husband Qamar-ul Islam had good rapport and relation with Congress party. He had worked a lot for the party and the party too had rewarded with positions.

“I am contesting because of the decision taken by Congress high command. Everybody should work for my victory.”

Mayor Sharan Kumar Modi, deputy mayor Putali Begum, palike members Bheemareddy Patil, Sayyed Ahmed and others were present.


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