Dargah and Graveyard submerged in drainage water, SDPI holds Rasta Roko

SDPI ward 15 committee protested at Muslim chowk against the Gulbarga Mahanagar palike for their negligence against the basic civic amenities of this ward.

“Since many years this ward faces drainage and road problems. But even after many complaints to the authorities, nothing has been done. There is an open drainage opposite to Masjide-e-Saleheen which is incomplete and always uncleaned. Due to rain, this drainage water gets over flowed on the water causing lots of problem. This drain water has gone in to the nearby grave yard and darga premises. Hence, a protest was done today and zone 3 commissioner was been called to hear the problems faced by the ward residents. He has assured that, will discuss this open drainage problem with higher authorities and will try to solve this as soon as possible.” Said Abdul Raheem Patel SDPI state secretary.

“The rain have escalated the problems. Due to the blockage of open drain, all the dirty water is on the road and this is causing lot of problems to the ward residents. Due to this incomplete work of the drainage work and the overflow of dirty water, the road opposite to the masjid-e-saleheen, which is a very important and one of the busiest road of this ward # 15 and Muslim Chowk is facing following problem: Severely causing lot of problems to the residents of this ward and nearby wards while commuting. The people who want to go to Masjid for prayers are facing lot of problems. Students of Faraan school, which is on this road are effected badly.Most important is, due to this blockage, the dirty water has flown into the nearby grave yard and due which the people of this ward are very angry on the corporation.” he added.

“we had requested the corporation that if the concerned officers till 29th July 2016 give some assurance to solve this problem we will cancel the protest. But there seems no response from the officers and they are least bothered to reply our request and they continue to be ignorant and negligent.”Syed Dastagir , City President said.

putting forward the demands He said “We demand to the authorities that Immediately complete the drainage work opposite Masjid-e-Saleheen, which is left incomplete. Also, take strict action against the contractor and the concerned engineers who have done this incomplete work..Complete all the pending road work in this ward 15.”.

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