Cracks in tank bunds threaten two villages in Raichur taluk

Huge tanks in Gadhar and Yeragera villages in Raichur taluk that remained empty in the last two consecutive years owing to drought are full this year. The farmers who depend on these two tanks for their irrigation are happy and yet are worried as the tank bunds have developed cracks.

The water level at the tank in Gadhar village that spreads across around 30 acres has reached the maximum storage limit two days ago owing to incessant rains. Two gates with protective concrete walls have been fixed in the bund for releasing water to fields for irrigation. Residents, particularly those who had sown in fields downstream of the tank, panicked on Thursday after they found a crack in the concrete wall built on either side of the main gate.

Irrigation Department officials visited the area in the afternoon and temporarily repaired the bund by filling the crack and putting some sandbags on it. The police also visited the village and advised the people to avoid the tank bund. However, since the rains continued to lash on Friday as well, the people of Gadhar and Upparal were worried as a breach could result in tank water gushing into both the villages.

“Dredging and strengthening the bund of the tank was undertaken last summer under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Yet, the bund is not as strong as expected. The officials should realise the situation and take precautionary measures,” Shivappa, a villager, said.

Same is the case with Yeragera tank that is spread across around 40 acres, irrigating over 300 acres. A bund developed a ‘bhonga’ (hole) two days ago flooding downstream areas. Officials were attending to it on Friday.
“We have thoroughly inspected the tank bunds in Gadhar and Yeragera and repaired them. The chances of breach are low in both the cases. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will take necessary precautions,” David, Assistant Engineer, Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme (Gillesugur), told The Hindu.


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