Compulsory to take the permission from corporation for advertisement hoardings in Gulbarga- Corporation commissioner

“According the Corporation act 1976 134 &135 its compulsory to take the permission from corporation for putting the advertisement holding in the area’s which comes under corporation, faliure of which may incite an action” said corporation commissioner P. Sunil kumar.
The corporation is already taking an extensive action of removing the advertisement hoardings from City’s roads, corners, govt and private areas for which the concern persons hadnot taken permission , although lot is cleared, still much more advertisement hoardings are visble in the city.” he added

“the concerned people advertising on these hoardings need to take permission from corporation by submitting required documents within 7days otherwise the corporation will remove all those hoarding which have no permission and for this whatever the expenditure is incurred , it will be charged from the owner of the concerned hoarding according to under the rules and regulations.” he added.


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