Communal Tension in Aland town over social media post

Aland A Small Spiritual Town in North Karnataka was shook to its core yesterday by the miscreants. The reason for brawl was a Social media post. it is reported that a man lost his life by heart attack while many are in jail now .

It was a busy afternoon in Aland ,before that festive charm was broken down by some miscreants who first uploaded a controversial facebook post and when later a case was taken up by police on insistence of local leaders they went on rampage in the Aland town.


Soon this went out of hand and a hour later there were news of one man being dead by heart attack  and other being hurt while many were arrested by police for causing communal tension. it is unconfirmed wether the casualty has happened or it is just a rumor.

Reports of heavy stone pelting in Aland town over social media post, one is reported Dead and many injured, and many people taken into custody.

Police have reportedly imposed Section 144 in Aland town. tomorrow being last Day of Ramdhan the eid of the residents of Aland seem to have been ruined beyond doubt , not to mention lives of those who were used as pwns in the communal flare up. It has also called on people to avoid rumor mongering . many local and district leaders have also appealed people to maintain calm and avoid rumor.
Note: All efforts to reach police for confirmation were unsuccessful. Keep watching for further reports.


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