CES College Student Shines in BSc Exams , Scores 291 out of 300 in Maths, Tops Yadgir District.

Yadgir : Yadgir District is known as educationally backward district in Karnataka. it consistently ranks among the lowest in the state in many educational parameters . But every now and then there some students who defy all odds and break that myth and show the world that students in Yadgir are as aspirational and resilient as everyone else. and if provided with suitable environment , the can do wonders.
This is one such story of Shakera Anjum a BSc Student, Daughter of Ghouse Mohiuddin Sheru , a Student of CES Arts Science & PU college Yadgir , Shakera Anjum a bright young student , awed everyone including her own lecturers and Got distinction in final semester & scored 291 out of 300 marks in mathematics paper. What makes her Achievement such a feat is that she She got highest marks in Yadgir Dist colleges.
Commenting on her achievement her Proud Principal Principal Mr Raghunath Reddy Said “She was regular student , and Hard worker. I can recall her as a very sincere & obedient Student. So its proud to all lecturers and Faculty in CES college. This is the answer to all people who think that students in backwards district are not worthy of competition, She is an example of how the students in Yadgir can comepete with intelligents students in all over the state if nurtured correctly.”

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