BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj blames Muslims for population rise

Meerut: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj who has sparked controversies in the past strike another on Saturday by indirectly blamed Muslims for population rise.

As per News18, the controversial BJP leader while addressing a gathering in Meerut said, “Population is increased by those who suppport the concept of four wives and 40 children.”

The BJP leader also asked the government to implement Uniform Civil Code (UCC) as soon as possible.

His comments came in the wake of the latest announcement of elections in five states being declared, including Uttar Pradesh.

Responding to Sakshi Maharaj’s comments, UP Congress leader Akhilesh Singh said, “The BJP leader’s communal remarks are a trick to divert attention from promises made by PM Modi. He should be dismissed from Parliament and BJP should expel him from the party.

Meanwhile, the Samajwadi Party also slammed the BJP, highlighting the Supreme Court’s ruling on the same.

“There is no point of making such statements. Even the Supreme Court has given its ruling banning use of religion, caste and community to seek votes during elections. I would urge BJP to stop such things. Elections cannot be won by creating a stressful environment,” Senior Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal told ANI.

Sakshi Maharaj is no stranger to such controversies. He triggered outrage in 2015 after urging all Hindu women to give birth to at least four children to increase the Hindu population and counter rising Muslim numbers.


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