BJP is crushing Muslims, Dalit and Christians writes Saleem Khalifa; an expats take on Current Political Scenario.

Saleem Khaleefa|| Jeddah:  We should be doing a disservice to our country, if we do not stand up and speak for the liberal and secular values that our constitution espouses. Our diversity is our greatest strength. I am extremely disappointed with the controversial statement of one of our Karnataka MPs and Union Ministers Mr. Ananth Kumar Hegde. I am really concerned about political atmosphere currently prevailing in India. I have high respect for BJP leaders of Gulbarga District, they are inclusive, secular and decent. Gulbarga South BJP MLA Shri Appu Gowda and Shri Shahshil Namoshi are equally popular and highly respected between and among Muslim community, they are wholeheartedly working for the betterment of Muslim community, we usually comment about them that very good people are in the wrong party, It is my belief that 90% non- Muslim in India are inclusive and peace loving people, only 10% who are affiliated to other school of thought and ideology are creating problem and Mr. Ananth Kumar Hegde has totally disappointed me by his unwanted speeches. We Kannadigas on the foreign soil have high regards for our standard of education, honesty, broadminded, IT expert, inclusiveness and secularism, but he has degraded the reputation of Karnataka BJP Unit and damaged the dignity of all the Kannadigas in the eyes of International community.

As a resident of Gulbarga and also as a student of Political Science, I feel that I have responsibility towards Community, Society and Nation, at a very growing age I was interested to join active politics and  I have been closely monitoring Karnataka Politics from  last 40 years, I do not encourage division of secular votes by staying silent ,  I do not want to sit back and blame leaders and voters, for me precaution is better than cure, therefore, decided to write this article with a concept that people are shaped by what they read.

I am affiliated to Congress party from 1980, shared the stage with Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, Shri Dharam Singh and Shri Iqbal Ahmed Saradgi. I did not change my loyalty with Congress party, but in 2014, I put nation first and supported BJP @ the center under the leadership of PM Modi for his agenda, Development, Development and Development. Sab-Ka Saath Sab-Ka Vikas, Minimum Government and Maximum Governance, promise of creating 2 crore jobs, Acche Din, Pradhan Sevak, he also said in one of his election rallies, let Muslim carry Holy Quran in one hand and computer in the other, were clearly an impressive, inspired script, which touched to the hearts and minds of millions of Muslims, and first time 15 to 20 % Muslims with high hopes voted to BJP in 2014 General Election.  When we evaluate his promises Vs performance  after 45 months, they are not so true and Modiji totally disappointed to the entire nation in general and Muslims in particular. For me the greatest loss is that a lot of division and hatred is created between and among the  communities, when there is no peace on the street, how we can increase our GDP and how FDI will come into India???.

After introducing defective Triple Talaq Bill in the Lok Sabha. However the cure cannot be worse than the disease. Now it is crystal clear that BJP is having ill feeling towards Muslims. Anti-Muslim is in its DNA. BJP did not give any ticket to a Muslim in UP and  in Gujrat election.  It shows that BJP wanting to make Muslims increasingly irrelevant to the election, wanted to marginalize. BJP does not want to see Muslims in the Parliament and Assemblies. Does not want to see Muslims on the treasury benches. BJP is doing discrimination with Muslim, not giving tickets to any Muslim in the last 3 Assembly elections, it is an insult to 250 million Muslims of India. BJP has shown inferior treatment towards  Muslims, now we Muslim feel that in BJP ruled states we are truly ill-treated and cornered. BJP started doing interference in the personal law of Muslim, which is totally not acceptable.  I ask our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendara Modi why step motherly treatment with the Muslim Community? Where is your slogan Sab-ka Sath Sab-ka Vikas??? has disappeared??? I feel Sab-ka Sath Sab-ka Vikas remain only as a slogan on the paper. We Muslims, Dalits and Christians are in more trouble, there is unnecessary harassment to these three communities and after around 4 years of BJP rule at the Center. We need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion I have rejected and decided to appeal to people of all sections of society of my beloved country to vote against BJP in Karnataka as well as in all the coming State elections and also in 2019 General Election.

As a Muslim  part of our duties to make our best efforts to solve the problems of the society, courage and wisdom are the twin human faculties that the Muslims of the day have to practice collectively.

We Muslims, Dalit, Christians, Adivasi, and other OBCs are facing discrimination and democracy is at a crossroads, this is a time that requires statesmanship, unity and putting our entire efforts, to save the democracy and nation.


Gulbarga North constituency is very important for us due to 4 corner contest we have risk of losing this valuable seat, therefore,  we have to be absolutely brilliant in this election, not only united and competent. Sorry to say that there is a shortage of think tank discussion in Gulbarga.

Now Four Muslim candidates from different political parties in the North constituency of Gulbarga are in the fray, and a community divided against it cannot stand and win the election. Muslim voters  in the North are sharply divided among the following parties, Congress, JDS, MIM and SDPI and my analysis is that If polling is done around 65% then there are 75000 Non- BJP votes and 60 thousand BJP votes, and my senses say that secular votes will be divided in 4 corners fights and Congress will take, around 37000 votes, JDS 22000 votes, MIM 12000 votes and SDPI around 8000 and BJP will be able to secure 50 to 55 thousand votes and win the Gulbarga North constituency with more than 15 thousand margin. If 80% Non- BJP voters voted to congress then Congress can get 60 thousand votes and can win the election with 8 to 10 thousand margins. Now ball is in the people’s court.

A foolish friend is capable of doing more harm than an arch enemy, therefore, I would like to request with folded hands to Chief of AIMIM and SDPI, not to contest even a single seat in 2018 election in Karnataka, we have collective responsibility to defeat the communal forces in Karnataka and we all together make a much difference in the state. All secular parties should come together and appeal to vote for Congress party.

Past is the guide to the present, therefore, I would like to quote here results of 3 constituencies of UP election 2017, where secular votes get divided and BJP won the election. Around in 180 constituencies SP and BSP candidates got more votes than BJP, if they had a Mahagathbandhan in UP, SP+ Congress + BSP they should have formed the government with 260 MLAs in the UP Assembly.


Deoband- 2017 Assembly Election

BJP BSP SP+Congress Total BSP+SP BJP won with
Brejesh Majid Ali Mavia Ali 29,400 votes
102,244 (43.1%) 72,844 (31.1%) 55,385 (23.6% 128,229 (54%)

Muradabad Rural Constituency

BJP SP+Congress BSP Total BSP+SP BJP won with
Ritesh Gupta Youssef Ansari Ateeq Ahmed 144,924 3193 votes
123,467 120,274 24,650

Meerapur Constituency

BJP SP+Congress BSP Total BSP+SP BJP won with
Avtar Singh Liyakhat Ali Nawazish Khan 193 votes
69,035 68,842 39,689 108,531

Mohammed Mohsin 451

Noha ali 305

Mohammed Jishan 292

Anjum Khan 165

Total Muslim independent candidates got 1213 votes, and SP candidates lost election with just 193 votes.


We Muslims of Gulbarga are considered as an intelligent community, should know the consequences of dividing the secular votes in North constituency , if we lose our North seat then there will be a question mark on our own  political brain, political maturity and our existence.  We must read between the lines what will happen, if 75 thousand secular votes are divided. We Muslims are missing ability to engage with the other people to take a final call. If we make a proper choice we will be a great community, if not, we will become more irrelevant in the election than what BJP wanted to make us, therefore, 2018 Karnataka Assembly election is extremely important.  This is the opportunity to send a message to BJP and its people by giving votes in block,  that we  still very much relevant and most perfect political community.

I would like to appeal to all my Kannadigas to vote for Congress candidates across the Karnataka and we should play a significant and useful role in retaining Congress Government in Karnataka. 2018 Election is extremely important for our state and communal harmony is one of the sailent features of Karnataka and we should not allow communal forces to come from other states and spoil the communal harmony of our state through their baseless speeches.  Remember if the communal harmony maintained in this state and country, good things happened automatically.

Unfortunately Congress party did not create creative thinking leaders in Gulbarga specially in the Muslim community, Congress leaders are looking divided,  there is no clear indication who will get the congress ticket, It would have been excellent, if Congress High Command should have declared the North candidate, picture is not clear who is going to get the ticket, due to suspense on the name, congress workers are confused and joining here and there, I would like to request to the top leaders of Congress party of Gulbarga, Ilyas Seth is seen as the most suitable candidate among all the desirable candidates for the Gulbarga North. Ilya’s has been serving much better than people expected as the NEKRTC chairman, he has done a good job during the last one year and  hopefully if he get elected MLA, he will definitely to work for the betterment of the people of the constituency provided, he should be surrounded with qualified, good, honest and passionate people. He should constitute a good team of smart 500 who can advise and give him a roadmap on total development of the constituency.

I am a person of Alliances, I appeal to Rahul Gandhi to alliance with all the secular parties at national level, and should go with pre-poll alliance with the JDS in Karnataka, NCP in Maharastra, SP, BSP and  Lok Dall in UP, AIUDF in Assam, Left, TMC in West Bengal, BJD in Orisa. If congress would have alliances with NCP and BSP in Gujrat election 2017, congress would have won the election, congress lost 12 seats because of NCP and BSP.  JDS is having 20% vote share in Karnataka from last 15 years. As a political observer, whatever may happen JDS will not come to power in 2018, therefore, I appeal all the leaders and workers of JDS to convey this message to their leadership and should advise them to have pre-poll alliance with the Congress, and JDS with  positive rule as a secular party  and Shri Devegowada and Shri Kumar Swami will be remembered and appreciated for their vision and great leadership by people of Karnataka and I am sure with this positive politics, JDS can increase dramatically its vote share in 2023 election.

The difference between a great community and ordinary one is the quality of its leaders, therefore, we must grow quality leaders so that our community can get political empowerment and once we will have more  numbers in the parliament and assemblies’, we can do a much better work for our society in general and Muslims in particular.

Every true Indian must make an effort to protect and safe guard the secularism that we all have been following since ages. Destructive politics will not produce any progress for the country.

Please give a serious thought to my words expressed in this write-up. Thanks for your time to read this one.

On the occasion of 70th Birthday of our late leader Qamar Sab, I would like to pay my tribute to a fallen Hero.  He will be remembered for his great leadership. He will remain in our hearts.   There can never be another Qamar Sab in Gulbarga.

Editor’s Note: The author Mr Saleem Khaleefa M.A. Political Science majored with public administration is from Gulbarga, currently based in Jeddah, a political, social and education activist. He writes on scores of issues concerning the society in general and Muslim community as well as Gulbarga in particular. 

The Views expressed in the article are of the writer own. DeccanDigest may or May not with everything that is expressed in the Article.


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