Bellary Lakes Reach Dead-storage Level

BELLARY: With Allipur and Moka lakes reaching dead-storage level, residents of Bellary city are facing a scarcity of drinking water.

The Allipur reservoir, which supplies water to 75-80 per cent of the city, now has only 0.5 metre of water left. As the water level has hit the danger mark, water from the lakes cannot be pumped to tanks in the city.

The situation of Moka lake, which supplies water to around 20 per cent of the city, is not any different.

Every day, around 30 million litres from Allipur lake and 7 million litres from Moka lake is pumped to a mother tank and from there water is supplied to the city.

Locals blame officials for this year’s water crisis. They allege that the problem escalated because the officials did not repair the lake bund, which was damaged last May. As a result, the lake contained only five metres of water as opposed to its full capacity of 7.5 metres. Till date, officials have not taken any steps to repair it. Adding to its woes, the city does not have adequate drinking water despite the Tungabhadra reservoir being located in the district. Officials said a requisition has been sent to the TB board, asking them to release water.

Officials at the TB board agreed to release water in the next three days.


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