Bellary: dogs save woman from bear attack

Bellary: Human being’s best friends have once again came to the rescue of a woman, and this time it is unbelieveably from a wild animal. A pack of four dogs scared away a bear and saved her owner’s life while they were on the way to farm.
Anjinamma, 30-year-old woman, who was walking along with her four dogs was attacked by a bear on Monday late night. The terrifying, but brief encounter occurred in a bushy area at Chitradurga district in Karnataka.
The incident happened when Anjinamma was on the way taking the dinner to her husband who was waiting for in their farm. No sooner had the bear attacked the woman, furious dogs started barking and chased the animal away. Once the bear was out of sight, the dogs returned to its wounded owner.
Anjinamma who was immediately shifted to hospital is now being treated for bruises on her face and cuts on her hands. Speaking to Eenadu India, Anjinamma said, “If it weren’t for the help of her dogs, I might not have survived at all.”

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