Ban SriRamsene:Abdul Raheem Patel. No protest says Police, its unacceptable curtailment of Our Rights Says SDPI.

Gulbarga 24 Oct: Social Democratic Party of India Gulbarga Unit Today protested at Mini vidhan soudha . They Demanded a Ban on SriRamsene , a notorious communal organization  for communal incitements and masterminding communal riots. The Protesters raised slogans against the Ramsene at the occasion. The Protest was led By AbdulRaheem Patel SDPI State Secretary who is also the North Karnataka Incharge and Syed Zakir SDPI District President.

Speaking at the occasion,AbdulRaheem Patel SDPI State Secretray Said ” we are demanding a Ban on notorious communal and Anti-Indian organization “Sri Ram Sene” headed by Pramod Mutalik & Siddlingayya Swamy(Andola), for its Anti-national and Anti-Constitutional activities and inciting communal tension in Karnataka state. The reasons of Demands are several; Shahbad issue, sindagi issue, rent a Riot case are just a few examples to show how dangerous and notorious this organization is. In light of All these past and current activties of this criminal organization We put this Demand in front of you, for the sake of communal harmony of the state and well being of the society of our state Put a Ban on the activities of Ramsena, restrict them and ban their; leader from traveling and spewing venom everywhere.”

Elaborating on Shahabad issue Shahid Naseer , SDPI District Secretary Gulbarga said “It was the handiwork of these communal organization who have done to flare the communal riots in the Shahabad town. The whole town was held ransom even though People of Shahabad kept their calm after continuous provocations. The venom spewed by the leaders of ShriRamsena was the prime reasons for Shahabad town to be at the tip of communal fervor.  It was Shahabad people and the police department who should be congratulated in averting these malicious plans of this organization.”

NO protest says Police, its unacceptable curtailment of Our Rights Says SDPI.

The District administration asked SDPI to back out of the protest. a new procedure for getting permissions and new offices for getting NOC’s was created and handed over to SDPI. When SDPI went to the Station bazar polic station to give the information before time as usual, the Circle PS refused to accept the Intimation and demanded to get Permission from DC, SP and Assistant Commissioner.

The Vidhan Soudha Today was packed with police force for stopping the protest of SDPI, Bandobast was at its peak and the vans and batons stood ready. Defying the Police’s high handed attitude, SDPI members gathered at Mini Vidhan Soudha which led to tensed scenes as the SDPI leadership and Police authorities Sparred verbally and argued each other for several minutes.

Police was adamant to stop the protest ,while SDPI questioned on what basis the police was targeting its fundamental rights. when the department cited laws, SDPI pointed out that BJP and other organization ion past 4-5 days wasnt stopped. Astonishingly Gulbarga DC who is the Head of District Administration said he was unaware of the protests going on in the city.

The Protesters than decided to sit on a Dharna against the District administration if the protest wasn’t allowed after which Police Department let the SDPI Hold its protest and submit memorandum to Addl Deputy Commissioner.

SDPI leaders on other hand alleged that Police is targeting the Minority organization by putting in place ridiculous laws and permissions, while other Organization even as notorious as ramsene are given free hand to hold rallies and protest (and create communal tension) . They called it unacceptable and demanded police to let them hold their protested freely. they peppered police with questions such as What were you doing when BJP and RSS held rallies without adequate permissions? why these double standards with others? who are you scared of?

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Editors Note:
It is pertinent to note here that the Goa State have already banned this Organization and have banned Pramod Mutalik from entering the state. In past the Ramsena has attacked Mangalorean girls at pub.Its leaders Pramod Mutalik is banned from entering almost a Dozen of Districts , it’s another leader Siddalinga Swamy Aka Andola Muthya is booked many times for defying law and the organization is also accused of Renting-Riots .These organization activist are involved in many violent activities in the name of moral policing. The Organization have been shown to incite communal riots upon trivial issues (sometimes non-issues) provided they are paid well, or get some communal tensions created. A couple of years ago, a kannada TV channel have shown in its sting operations how this organization creates artificial issues and organize a riot when paid by a client. The Sena chief was caught negotiating amount, while his associates were caught taking money for organizing riots. The videos show them openly accepting that they will create riots for a price. Repeatedly this organization has time and again defied the Law of Land. They always want to incite & create rift between the communities.



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