Arrest Shobha Karandlaje and Nalin Kumar for intensifying communal unrest in Coastal Karnataka

Jail BJP Parliamentarians and leaders for igniting communal passions and spreading anarchy in the state – Abdul Hannan, Karnataka State President  

Bangalore, 10 July 2017: Coastal Karnataka has been witnessing communal unrest for the last month wherein there were murders of 2 innocent youth and 7 cases of stabbing. Though Section 144 has been in effect in view of containing the law and order situation in the region, the BJP leaders Shobha Karandlaje and Nalin Kumar, on the pretext of condemning the death of Sharath, have created a communally turbulent situation in BC Road by mobilizing large crowds, perturbing people’s lives around and their dancing on the occasion is a sheer disrespect to the dead Sharat. It is notable that a case has been registered against the two Parliamentarian with the Bantwal Police.

The people of the district appeal to the District Police to arrest the real culprits accused of killing Sharat. It is absolutely unfair to blame SDPI and Popular Front for the murder while the investigation is still on. This is nothing but a conspirative step to misguide the police and attempt to fix innocents in the case. Earlier anti-social elements of Sangh Parivar made such false allegations in the 2 murder cases of Karthik Raj and Shimoga youth and later it was proved that the killings were the result their family disputes. This killing too could be such an episode.

The responsible Parliamentarians who were supposed to let an unbiased timely investigation, are indulging in giving out statements urging and escalating the communal unrest in Dakshina Kannada. Shobha and Nalin have shot off a letter to the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh have appealed for NIA investigation in the murder of 2 Sangh Parivar activists. It is a matter of shame that they have included cases of even those murders which were committed out of personal and family enmity. And its irony and deplorable that the BJP leaders have not furnished in their letter the cases wherein several innocents including Harish Pujari, Praveen Pujari, Krishnayya Vatali, Vinay Kumar Baliga, Mustafa Kavoor, Ashraf Kalayi, Jaleel Karopadi, Safwan Patla, Nasir Sajipa were murdered by Sangh Parivar goondas. This proves their racial trend and traditional Hindutwa face and antidemocratic stand.

For the last four years, RSS-BJP have been making desperate attempts to color communal and political colors out of suicides and deaths of government employees. Such communal hatred cannot be controlled in our homeland unless these corrupt and communal politicians are brought under the law enforcement. Therefore action against them is imperative the Lok Sabha Speaker and Election Commission should take note of and initiate appropriate action against Parliamentarians Shobha Karandlaje and Nalin Kumar by suspending their membership with the Lok Sabha.

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Karnataka State President Abdul Hannan urged the government that the BJP Parliamentarians, MLAs and leaders Kalladka Prabhakar Bhatt, Sharan Pumpwell, Jagadish Shenav and several others should be pushed to jail for igniting communal passions creating anarchy in the state.


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