Another murder in Gulbarga ; 33 yr old man Killed with sharp weapons in MSK Mill

Gulbarga : Even before the culprits of Md Nooruddin were caught another Murder that has sent shockwaves in the people of Gulbarga took place this afternoon.

Shaik Muddasar @ Ilyas from msk mill was murdered by some goons. He was attacked with sharp weapons by some 10-15 goons near icon center Msk mill ring road according to the eyewitnesses. The reason behind the murder is said to be controversy about a Land plot.

Massive protest was held with the Body of victim at Timmapuri circle Gulbarga for immediate action. Traffic was blocked for several minutes.
Later the Superintendent of Police Gulbarga N Shashikumar who visited the protest site along with other officers assured people of quick action after which the protesters let the body for post Mortem, while Mr N Shashikumar left to inspect the site of attack.

on Monday 11.00 pm , The Body of Mudassir ilyas, was laid to rest at Qadeem Qabrastan MSK Mill Jeelanabad Gulbarga. 33 year old soft spoken and soft Natured QC Engineer who had returned recently from Gulf, Mudassir Iliyas who believed that keeping peace and Avoiding quarrel was bigger than prayer fasting and Charity, was murdered by some animals in one of the most heartless ways.

Some 6-7 people were reportedly arrested by police in this connection according to sources, however Deccandigest couldn’t be able to confirm with this from police department sources. Victims relative Riyaz Patel had named 12 people in an FIR at Grameen Police Station specifically and some others alleging that they ahd assaulted and murdered Mudasssir Ilyas with sharp weapons. Adv Idrees Jagirdar, Shaikh Baba,Abrar, Arif tola Pasha , Azhar jagirdar @ Crazy,Jibraan,Hashim,Sajid ur Rehman, Naseerurrehman,Zakir,Imran @ Govind,Kosmakar and others.

Hundreds of people turned up for Namaz e Janaza of the victim near Qadeer Chowk, the murder had sent shockwaves in the MSK Mill locality and Gulbarga City. “What has happened to Gulbarga” everyone kept asking with no one knowing the answer.

May Allah grant his blessing on the victim and increase his levels in Jannah and ease the suffering of his parents and Family.


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