Alleged assaulting on Psychiatric Patient, PMO issues letter of inquiry against a City Hospital.

Gulbarga: The Prime Ministers​ Office issued orders to the Hon’ble Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka to take appropriate action against the BAHMANI HOSPITAL Doctors and Staff for assaulting Psychiatric Patient, who was helping an old age Hindu couples, those who came for the treatment in the said hospital.
Also, On September 5, 2017 The Karnataka State Human Rights Commission issued orders to the Superintendent of Police, Gulbarga District, Karnataka to take necessary action against the BAHMANI HOSPITAL Doctors and Staff for assaulting Psychiatric Patient. 

“We are very grateful to the Prime Minister’s Of India, for taking quick action in this matter.  We hope that the Doctors will learn some lesson from this action and don’t commercialize their profession as a business and will be more professional, soft and caring to their patients irrespective of caste and religion henceforth.” Said the Petitioner Mr Minhajuddin Khateeb. 

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