AIMIM holds a Protest against Food & Civil Supply Department , Alleges Lack of wheat since 3 months, corruption in token System

Gulbarga : AIMIM Gulbarga today Protested & Submitted Memo To Minister of Food & Civil Supplies through Food Deputy Director Gulbarga. A large Number of Youth were presentat the occasion along with the womens wing members. The protest was led by Dist president Adv Qawwamuddin Junaidi Aka Wahaj Baba.

Lamenting at the status of the PDS , Wahaj Baba Said ” there is no distribution of food grains and civil supplies at allotted ration shops in Gulbarga city since a month. This has put all the BPL families into a very tough situation which cannot be explained in words. Mostly the women are the sufferers of this kind of situation as they are the visitors to the ration shops to procure the food grains. They have been informed by the ration shop owners that there is no stock available to distribute. This is a terrible & pathetic distribution condition of the food grains by the Dept. of Food & Civil Supplies. These poor families are forced to purchase  the grains at very higher cost from the market for their survival.”

“The supply of kerosene is stopped at the ration shops since long, which makes the citizens to use diesel as an alternative option as a fuel to the cooking stoves. Due to which the stoves are getting damaged and increases the risk of tank blast and severe injuries.” he remarked.

Coming down heavily on the Shoddywork by the PDS by Food Dept he said , “Since last three (3) months there is no supply of Wheat at the ration shops, despite of this ration card holders are getting message alerts on their registered mobile numbers stating that the food grains has been allotted to their ration card numbers. But when they approach to the ration shop, they get empty hand with a regular answer “Stock is not available”.

Alleging a Nexus to loot the people he said , “Furthermore, implementation of token system has created another chaos among the citizens. As earlier they were dependent and pleading only to the ration shop owner, now they are forced to be dependent & pleading to the token issuer which are mostly the cyber cafe and the ration shop owners. These cyber café are charging separately to the citizens every month. At cyber café the ration card holder links their ration card to their Adhaar Card number, and this will allot for 25 kg of grains, where as in reality the allotted grains is of 5 kgs at ration shop. This linking system is completely failure and this has put the ration card holders, ration shop owners to hardship.”

“If somehow they manage to get the token, by that time the ration shop is closed and will be asked  to visit next day to collect the food & civil supplies.” he rued.

“Mostly, at one particular visit the complete grains are not provided / not available at the ration shop. They issue rice or wheat or edible oil, any one of it. The time the other is issued, the first issued is over. The number of shops in the city as per the population is not sufficient and hence we AIMIM Gulbarga demand to increase the number of shops based on the population of the area. For eg. Sonia Gandhi colony, Gulbarga doesn’t have ration shop and the resident of Sonia Gandhi Colony has to go to Hagarga Chowk, which is approximately 4-5 km distance.” he continued.

“The ration shop owners are not getting their commission on timely basis, due to which they are unable to render the proper services entrusted on them.” he concluded.

At the End of his speech he declared a Mass protest if Dist Administration doesn’t mends its ways.

“AIMIM, Gulbarga  demands proper vigilance and smooth distribution of food for the citizens. If our demands are not taken seriously and necessary actions are not impounded, AIMIM take out a massive city wise procession to protest & agitate and show our grief and anger against the Dept. of Food & Civil Supplies.”He thundered.

At this Occasion Dist Gen.Secy Syed irfan, Md Feroz GP president, Naushad MSK Mill, Tayyab Ali Meer, Syed Manzur, Aslam hazari and others were present along with a huge number of youth and women.


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