800 IFF Haj volunteers prepared to serve the guests of Allah with Maps and App

11181629_864602343588009_2278270704366312729_nCompleting necessary preparations, India Fraternity Forum (IFF) is engaging a contingent of 800 volunteers for serving the Hajj pilgrims this year. These Indian expatriates from various states who are fluent in different local languages besides English and Arabic, which would help them to serve the Hajj pilgrims from India. The area of volunteer service will include, pilgrim accommodation in Makkah, Aziziyah, Hajj Mission medical facilities, Mashair Train stations in Arafa and the tent city of Mina including a number of medical dispensaries.

Volunteers will guide the pilgrims to reach their destinations, help avail medical facilities and wheel chairs when required. They will also advise them with health and safety instructions to perform the Hajj with ease and comfort. Volunteer deployment for the entire operation is facilitated under five teams – 100 volunteers in Makkah Team, 100 volunteers for Arafa Team, 200 volunteers for Mina Tent service Team, 350 volunteers for Mina. Apart from this, 50 volunteers will be engaged in various hospitals and medical facilities in Mina. Volunteers have already started extending their services, since the first group of Hajj pilgrims from India has arrived in the Kingdom and more than 100 volunteers have been serving the Indian Hajees in the premises of Masjidul Haram Makkah and Aziziyah. In Madina, the Fraternity Forum volunteers from different Indian states are helping the pilgrims. Hajj Camps: Fraternity Forum has arranged Hajj camps in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala for guiding the Hajj pilgrims before they leave the country for Hajj. The camps organized were unique and effective with multimedia presentation conveying details to the Hajj pilgrims starting from their home till they return back to their homes. Under different sessions, the camps conveyed the spirit of Hajj, how to perform hajj step by step, health and safety precautions while travelling and performing the rituals of Hajj and during their stay in the holy cities

14333099_1090526237662284_1893298733302107522_nMap for Hajj pilgrims:

To help the Indian pilgrims, Fraternity Forum has prepared the map covering the whole area of pilgrim accommodation in Makkah and Aziziyah and the updated map for the tent city of Mina will be released on the 5th of Dhul-Hijja.

Mina Tent locator App. :

Last year, India Fraternity Forum has developed an android based application for locating the tents in Mina and Updated version of this app will be released on 1st Dhul Hajj. This app will cover the Aziziyah accommodation area and the whole of the tent of city of Mina and will help the Hajis to reach their destinations/ accommodation buildings easily. The whole volunteer operation will be coordinated by a team with Mudassar (Coordinator) Faisal T (Asst. Coordinator), Mujeeburrahman (Volunteer Captain), Ismail (Asst. Captain). Press meet attended by: Shamsuddeen KM (IFF Regional President), Mohammedali K (Regional Secretary), Mudassir (Hajj Coordinator), Faisal T (Hajj Asst. Coordinator).

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