7 Urdu medium students of Mubin’s Spoken english score 100 out of 100 in SSLC exam.

Gulbarga, DeccanDigest: It was a Happy day for Neha, a Class 10th student , her family was elated and her relatives phoned or visited to congratulate her. The reason? The girl from Urdu medium, and Daughter of a Driver, had scored 100 out of 100 in English Language Subject. It was a sheer victory of will power, hard-work commitment and not to mention the Mentorship of a bright young mind named Mubin Khyrdi. Although her father is usually busy in his business, the Daughter when asked credits him among her inspiration and calls this a gift to her father.

The Story is similar if not same for Syed Ibraheem, whose father is a welder in the gunj area, had to suffer many hardships in following his dream of education. He overcame that with commitment and hardwork, it is worth mentioning that due to less space and many family members, Ibraheem sat in the kitchen room studying night after night and today he showed that where there is a Will, there is always a Way. he used to come to the institute even after the course was completed as he felt home and mentally pacified in the institute.

Narrating these incidents  with his vote of thanks , Emotional Mubin Khyrdi congratulated the students who scored 100 out of 100 in the English language papers, he recalled that most of them came from humble poor backgrounds, and they sat in Mubins Spoken for hours together preparing for the exams and many of them could barely speak in urdu , let alone in English , but today many of them can fluently deliver speeches in English. He was speaking at the program organised to felicitate these meritorious students .

Beaming with happiness the students needed nothing to be elated and were happily listening to the words of their mentor Mubin Khyrdi who had been toiling hard since last one year to teach English to as many students as he can and as creatively as he can. Many of those who he mentored today returned the gift by getting a brilliant result.

“These Students participated in Mubin Spokens “Challenge to China” Policy , 7 of them scored out of out hundred and around 30 students crossed the 90 Marks (ranging from 90-99). The students belonged to many schools. at this happy occasion i congratulate Human age Urdu High School and Al-Hilal Urdu High School, especially the teachers and the Head Mistresses. ” he added.

in his final message to these meritorious students, he said “hardwork , Commitment and Perseverance are the key to victory in a battle , doesnt matter it is personal or  actual battle. Until there is a Solid connection between you and your teachers there is no chance of loss and the achievement will be even more bigger and sweeter . By achieving 100 % & 90% plus, you have set an example infront of the people that Education is a matter of will and commitment , not language . even with your mother tongue you can succeed and have a better future.


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